Below, you can get a glimpse of the projects I have previously been involved in or am currently working on.

I was involved in the successful acquisition of VR4VET, a Eramus+ project which leverages the affordances of virtual reality for vocational education and training. Uniquely, the project goes beyond simply using VR as a training tool, but also views it as a tool in a youth counsellors toolbox for dealing with unemployed teenagers. The application developed in the project is aimed at youths who are soon to choose their career and provide them a authentic experience of the vocational domain. This is intended to help them make a sound career choice.

KiteVR is a virtual reality serious game for traning novices in Kite Surfing. It focuses on the theoretical knowledge of kite control and aims to develop basic kite control in students before getting in the water.

HoloLearn (Holographic Learning) project is a research project which aims to facilitate richer interactions in hybrid/online education between students and teachers by making use of holograms. I was the scientific co-ordinator for this project and was also involved in the successful acquisition of the project funding. The project was one of the initiatives started during the COVID-19 pandemic and was internally funded by the Student Council of Delft.

A long term pet/side project of mine, a use case (if you will), to explore multimodal technologies/sensors for skills development with deliberate practice. I focus not on creating 'another' app for doing handwriting but to provide the expert a tool that meets their needs for effectively training *students* with minimal time and effort. The application build on 5 principles of deliberate practice. It records expert performance and creates an expert model which is used as a learning content but also used to provide feedback and guidance to students. Read more about the app below.

WEKIT stands for Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training. WEKIT is an ambitious European research and innovation project supported under Horizon 2020 to develop and test within three years a novel way of industrial training enabled by smart Wearable Technology (WT). In particular, 13 WEKIT partners representing academia and industry from six countries in Europe will build a ground-breaking industrial-strength learning technology platform and unique methodology to capture expert experience and share it with trainees in the process of enabling immersive, in-situ, and intuitive learning. In this way, WEKIT will bring learning content and technical documentation to life via task-sensitive Augmented Reality (AR), making industrial training more efficient, affordable and engaging. The wekit project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 687669

One of the first independent research project of mine where i researched the gamification of collaborative problem solving with MicroDYN. I developed a table-top game for 4 players on each-side of the table. The game is set on a archeological excavation site and the players are trapped within a huge tomb. The players must work togather to solve problems togather to survive and finish the game. You can read more below.